The Watch

Mouse over each section to see the original.









The entire watch, fixed: watch 27.jpg

The entire watch, original: watch orig.jpg


Intermediate steps: watch 1.psd, watch 2.psd, watch 3.psd, watch 4.psd, watch 5.psd, watch 6.psd, watch 7.psd, watch 8.psd, watch 9.psd, watch 10.psd, watch 11.psd, watch 12.psd, watch 13.psd, watch 14.psd, watch 15.psd, watch 16.psd, watch 17.psd, watch 18.psd, watch 19.psd, watch 20.psd, watch 21.psd, watch 22.psd, watch 23.psd, watch 24.psd, watch 25.psd, watch 26.psd, watch 27.psd


flash movie of the entire process: watch.swf, watch.exe, watch.fla